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Perfect timing (yet another take on why it doesn't exist)

It's never a perfect time. Perfect time to do this, perfect time to do that. We are holding off on making decisions purely because we think there will be a moment when it will be perfect. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but perfect moments don't exist.

I mean, sometimes things align in the mystical timeline of our lives so it all fits into place. Like a puzzle or another thing that fits just right (31 waist jeans three years ago, yikes!), but getting into a habit and belief that you will do A when B happens, or you will wait until the moon aligns, Mercury retrogrades and Saturn crystals turn quartz, is not really good, or healthy.

Image of Saturn-like planets

Yes, there are "general life rules" - I can only share a piece of art when it is ready. I can only promote something if I make or build it first, but once the piece is made, the website built, the photo taken, don't hesitate and wait to share it.

I am being absolutely hypocritical here as I am not "announcing" my website being live and typing those blogs in secret because I want to finish decorating my flat so I can have a perfect reel with all the paintings on the "gallery wall" as the backdrop.

Line of paintings ready to be hanged on the wall

Will people care? Probably not. Am I getting any sales by holding it off? No. Do I feel like it is super important to get it done before posting? Abso-fucking-lutely yes. Because I am vain. Because I feel like I have to prove something to someone. Because I don't feel like I am good enough. Because I am not confident.

And this is why I am sharing my thoughts on not waiting for the "perfect moment." Confident people, people who believe in themselves and their work, "make" those perfect moments happen. Yes, there has to be some level of prep done before, but they don't care if they don't have a perfect backdrop, haircut, or clothes because they know that it isn't what matters to their audience. They are confident that you are coming to see their work on their social media because you love what they do, regardless of when and how it is presented. And that level of confidence is some sort of wizardry. It is like flipping the camera on the phone to the selfie and just snapping the photo. No posing, editing, etc. The confidence that whatever it will be, is good.

For someone like me, it is the fear of failure. That I post and nothing will happen so I am waiting for this "perfect moment" so then, I can blame it on that, instead of blaming myself (which I inevitably will but, this will delay it significantly). I found, especially in the creative world, that imposter syndrome is strong with everyone, but the ones that acknowledge and embrace it, are the successful ones as they believe in what they do and who they are. And I am still lacking this.

Maybe because it was my parents (if you have therapy, you know it always starts there) who never really were pleased with what I have achieved and always raised the bar, so I have just started to believe that "you can always do better" is the way of living? Maybe because I never allowed myself to accept that I am actually enough and good at something? Or maybe it is because I never took the time to acknowledge the good and the positive in me.

Anyway, who knows, but what I am trying to say and encourage you (and me) is to just do it. Whatever you are holding off, whatever you are debating in your head, just do it (well, the kind and good things only please!) and enjoy yourself. We are only given one chance at this thing called life so why don't we just live it as best as we can.

Please smile at strangers sign

And, no, I won't push it on social that the website is live. Gallery wall MUST happen.

Mike x

PS. This sounded so influential so standard disclaimers apply - this is an opinion, not an advice.

PS 2. Again, AI only for grammar. They have yet to crack my logic!

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