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Photograph of the Chasewater reservoir.

Chasewater Reservoir

The Chasewater reservoir lay tranquil under the midday sun. In the distance, the white sails of leisurely boats speckled the horizon, lazily parked at the serene bay. Despite the scorching summer air, a refreshing coolness emanated from the water. As the gentle breeze caressed your skin, the reservoir became a sanctuary, a haven of calm amidst the sweltering day.


Little Norton, Staffordshire. May, 2022.


All photography prints are crafted on Hahnemühle Baryta FB (350 gsm) paper, well known for its robust nature. Coated with Baryta for sharp images, it offers a glossy finish to keep colours bright and details defined. Mounted on a lightweight 2mm board. For more information please see here.

PriceFrom £29.99
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