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Digitalised stage of an acrylic painting depicting the conflict between opposing personalities and inner demons.

Mental Cleaver

The digitalised stage of an acrylic painting represents the conflict between two opposing personalities and the acceptance of inner demons.


The painting shows the struggle between good and bad, kindness and cruelty, and the internal mental tension that embodies the complexity of the human psyche.


It is a reminder that light and darkness coexist within every individual, and this duality is a natural part of the human experience, where light and darkness coexist within the same soul.

All digital abstract prints are meticulously crafted on Hahnemühle German Etching (310 gsm) paper, renowned for its natural white hue and uncoated texture reminiscent of Tintoretto Gesso using the giclée printing method. Mounted on a 2mm lightweight board. For more information please see here

PriceFrom £29.99
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